Wedding Floral Arrangements on a Tight Budget

I started getting involved in creating wedding floral arrangements when my niece was getting married. She had a small budget, and love to do crafts so she came to me for help with her wedding flowers.

A wedding is such a big event in a couple’s life, so it is important to make it as beautiful as possible. Wedding memories are one of the big highlights in a couple’s life.

Wedding floral are a big part of the beauty and they can enhance the look of the wedding venue.  But they can be very expensive.

We decided to make our own floral, so we started out buying a good book which gave us great ideas and lots of education.

My niece wanted as many floral arrangements as possible so we decided to go with silk flowers.

She could keep many of her arrangements, and she was able to sell the extras which gave her some money back.

Her colors were red and black, with accents of white.

The bouquets were hand tied red roses, with black accent flowers tied with white lace ribbon. The bridesmaids carried small bouquets while the bride had a larger arrangement of red roses, black accents with the white lace ribbon.

Of course, we made corsages for the Moms and Grandmas with red roses. We accented them with ribbon which was white and edged in black.

The groom and his men wore single red roses in their lapels.

The wedding ceremony was outside so we purchased a metal arch which she can use in her yard, and decorated it with garlands of red roses and accents of white bows.

The centerpieces for the wedding   reception were pillar candles which were black; we made a candle ring with white lace threaded on to wire. Underneath the ring of lace was black tulle to make the centerpiece crisper and to stand out more.  The lace was decorated with red roses and black and red bows.

We purchased the roses in bulk from a floral supply store which saved us a ton of money. The lace and tulle were bought by the bolt, we used coupons at Joann’s and saved a great deal of money with that.

By planning ahead and doing the flowers ourselves we were able to save her hundreds of dollars. So if your wedding budget is strapped consider doing your own wedding flowers.  Remember it is your wedding day and you want it to be a beautiful event and wedding floral will enhance the day.

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