Spring Wedding Flowers: Freesia

Freesia named from German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor “Freese”. This beautiful Spring Flower originated from South Africa, in western world Freesia is a newcomer. They was almost unknown until 1950, today Freesia is one of the most desired fresh cut flowers. Their popularity is related to the fragrance of flowers and a small delicate blossom, the most popular freesia varieties is called Ballerina.

Wedding Flower Freesia


The freesia is grown in white, yellow, pink, purple and color combination in shades of red, orange and yellow. The freesia is grown in white, yellow, pink, purple and color combination in shades of red, orange and yellow. And while in most cases the variation of a white flower is most fragrant but on freesia, red and pink varieties are actually more highly perfumed.


Freesia is funnel or goblet shaped flowers with 8 to 12 funnels per stem, and their leaves resemble with Iris flower. If you plan to do your own wedding flowers, do not forget to ask your provider how long to delivered Freesia. Freesia is not a successful garden plant for North American, but available on your local florist as a cut flower all year round. In a vase life, Freesias can last up from 10 to 14 days.

Ideal for

These flowers are perfect for wedding bouquets, headdresses, corsages, and boutonnieres or you can add fragrance to a room in your home!

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