Spring Wedding Flowers: Anemone

Anemones are the most popular flower for Spring Weddings! They also called “Wind Flower”, which comes from the Greek word “Anemos” mean… you guess it, WIND!!! Anemone available in more than 100 varieties, the most popular one is Japanese anemone, but blooming at fall season.


Anemones are available from late December until late June. You have to pay upwards of $3 per stem. It is possible that this flower will not be available for several weeks in November and December because of cold weather. You can also order Anemones in July, August, October and November. But the prices during these months will be more expensive!

Colors of Anemone are red, pink, purple, blue and white. Most commonly seen with a dark center of the flower, but you can find some with a lighter middle too. Pairing Anemone with some poppies which are part of the same family will be a great idea. They also look great with other flowers like Ranunculus and Peonies.

Flower Care:

Flower Care: Anemone also known as “heavy drinkers” – keep them in water as long as you can! In addition, the anemones did not a long cut life flower – a couple days at most, so do not expect them are still there when you return from honeymoon!

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