Rose for Fall Wedding Bouquets

According of Society of American Florists, there are more than 120 varieties of roses commercially available. Style may vary from small blooms to large with sturdy or soft leaves, delicate petals. Roses are everywhere accessible and can be reasonably priced (although rare breeds can be increased from $ 4 to $ 10 per stem).

There are three main types of roses those most likely candidates for the wedding flowers: hybrid tea rose, spray rose and garden rose. Here is a quick overview of what makes each unique:

Rose Wedding Bouquet

Hybrid Tea Roses

In its classic form, a hybrid tea rose is valued for its unity, stability (it will be all day without wilting!) and availability. The most popular types include deep red rose, known as Black Magic, the gold-tone roses known as Leonidas and the creamy white ones known as Vendela.

Spray Roses

This smaller rose have 5 to 10 small heads per stem and thus fills the bouquets more than one stem – to make them important. They come in single hues or bicolor, like hybrid tea rose. Due to differences in size, they are ideally suited to give the texture and visual interest to arrangement.

Garden Roses

These roses are much larger and lush more than other varieties. They are often very open, and they are more natural and complex – like something you can find in your garden. Due to fragility, they are rare and expensive.

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