Garden Wedding Floral Design

So many Wedding Floral Designs that you can use to beautify your reception hall.

Usually the brides will choose traditional flower centerpieces for their wedding tables.

If you plan an outdoor wedding, you can easily make beautiful wedding flower decorations that will surprise your guests and leave them satisfied with the work! In this article we consider some special designs from garden that can create or at least, hopefully, will inspire you to make your very own Wedding Floral Design.

The best flowers for these designs are made from mulberry paper or crepe paper. These types of paper are tough and easy to work with other, using other type of paper can make your flower design more difficult and may agitated you with the paper before finish the first flower.

Garden Wedding Floral Design

Garden Entrance Way Design

Usually, most brides have an archway or doorway to let them beautified with flowers. A special and unique floral design is garden themed entrance. You will need many paper flowers for beautify this garden. You can decorate a doorway or archway too, and I highly recommend it.

3 Ways to Design Your Wedding Garden

First, using tables to line the walkway where the groom and bride will enter to the reception hall. Cover these tables with green crepe papers to make the image of grass and placed the flowers (no stems) on the table. You will want many colors of paper to be used and may even toss in a few ornaments, garden wedding themed.

You have to avoid any empty spaces but don’t over crowd with the flowers too. This makes a very good opportunity for photos and your guests can enjoy their pictures taken here. You will need a big room to set this up. You want your guests do not stumble in the garden while dancing or walking.

The second idea is to make it a little easier, and have to be removed after the grand entrance has been made. An extra wide green colored isle runner are needed for the groom and bride to walk down the center, decorate both sides of the aisle with no stems flowers (using window sill boxes stems). Both floral designs will look amazing just choose which one can works best for you.

You can also apply more flowers, more colors more effective. Do not limit the flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces with your wedding theme color. Because this is a garden , you can do everything you would like!

Third, choosing a spot in the middle of the room and rent a fountain or using big round or oval table to create the same way that you want with the isle suggestions. This garden will be able to remain seated for the reception of everyone and if you have a good bench or chair for all your guests have a picture perfect moment with the loved ones!

These garden Wedding Floral Designs are just some ways to make a beautiful garden full of mulberry or crepe paper flowers. If you’re creative enough, you can design a full tropical lush garden for your wedding reception!

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