Fall Wedding Bouquets: Orchids

Orchids are of various shapes and colors, making them a versatile option for Fall Wedding Bouquets. The orchid wedding bouquet is beautiful with exotic shape of the flowers. It carries a hint of magic for any occasion. It is a long cut flower, suitable for any wedding decorations or bridal bouquet.

Commercially grown varieties of orchids can be taking 6 years more before they start flowering and then only produce about 4 stems in one year. Orchids are the largest plant families in the world with over 20,000 species. The different types or colors of orchid also have some different representations. Example: For example, pink orchids are a symbol of pure love and that great symbol to represent your wedding. You can find orchids in color variations from white, purple, orange, red, yellow, green, and pink.

Orchids wedding flowers

If you plan to create your own wedding bouquet, orchid is a beautiful option. Even so, you can mix other flowers or different colors in combination with orchids as well. You can also use silk orchids and other artificial flowers or vines if you need to make your bouquet beforehand.

How to make Beautiful Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Bouquet

Tools and Materials:

  • 25 stem of green cymbidium orchids
  • 7-8 bunches of green Hypericum berries
  • Floral shears
  • Floral wire (24-gauge)
  • Green floral tape
  • Satin wired ribbon (12-15 inches)
  • Pan Melt floral glue and electric skillet (or a hot glue gun)


  • Clip the orchid blooms from the largest stem, and then cut an additional inch of the stem.
  • Thread the wire through the center of the stem, toward the base of the flower. When the floral wire is halfway through, use your thumb and forefinger to bend the wire to straight down.
  • Add some floral tape around the base of flowers. While holding the tape with your forefinger, gently pull the tape while you rotating flower stem till the wire and flower stem is fully covered three quarters of the way down the wire.
  • Remove the leaves of the berry stems. Take out any brown or discolored berries and leaves. Clean-cut the berry stems between 9″ long.
  • Arrange 2 or 3 stems back to back and then slowly set more berries and flowers around the outside of the bunch, till your bouquet full.
  • Around the bunch of stems (below the base of the flowers), wrap with floral tape. Slowly pull the tape and rotate the flower bunch, covered all of the stems 8 inches down the wire.
  • Melt pan melt adhesive in electric skillet. To apply a strip of glue on top of the flower stems, use a wooden stick. Alternately, use hot glue gun.
  • Start from the top (below the base of the flowers), run satin ribbon over the glue and lay the ribbon to flat across the bottom. Tuck the sides of the satin ribbon inside and wrap the stems from bottom to top with ribbon. Store the finished bouquets in a refrigerator to keep them fresh.

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