Fall Wedding Bouquets: Gerbera Daisy

Fall Wedding Bouquets can be a visual spectacle for the eyes with vibrant colors of gerbera daisy. The colors range from yellow, soft to hot pink, red, white and other paler shades. For someone who loves hot colors, this is what a gerbera daisy bouquet can give!

Once clustered or sorted together they are dynamic and dramatic. The color range provides you unlimited creative flair. Among the hottest colors is yellow (sun), radiate warmth wherever they are. More of yellows are referred to shades of gold. It can add s depth and richness to Fall Wedding Bouquets.

Gerbera Daisy foe wedding Bouquets

Gerbera Daisy – Popular Choice for Fall Weddings

Gerberas are the second most popular wedding flowers for bouquets after roses. Classical beauty, simple yet colorful, the gerbera daisy symbolizes purity and innocence. The growing season is from March to May just like other spring flowers, but can be grown throughout the year, so it is affordable option for bridal bouquet.

Ideal for DIY Bouquets

Gerberas daisies are also ideal for DIY bridal bouquets, because they are easy to handle and not wilt easily like other delicate flowers. Go with simple design, such as a cute posy style and make sure that the flowers be cut at an angle under water to keep freshness for as long as we can.

A bouquet of 3 gerberas and organza bow can make a simple but very beautiful bridal bouquet and there is something that you can do by yourself. Gerberas can be used as a simple clutch posy or in combination with other flowers. Bring drama feel to your bouquets and other arrangements, combine orange, steel blue and yellow in your wedding flowers.

Choose Gerberas for Your Fall Wedding Bouquets!

Gerbera daisy wedding bouquets are ideal bouquets for brides who looking for a flower that symbolize innocence and purity and bring joy to one of the important days in their life. Available all year round, gerberas won’t break the bank and DIY brides can save even more by opting to make their own Fall Wedding Bouquets!

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