Fall Wedding Bouquets: Chrysanthemum

When you ask someone to name a flower for Fall Wedding Bouquets, many of them will choose Mums or Chrysanthemum. Mums are quintessential fall wedding flowers. Chrysanthemum comes in variety of shapes, sizes and almost in every imaginable color. It can be used to strengthen the arrangements, mass, interesting shape, or texture.

Lot of history!

The Chrysanthemum flower has a long and distinguished history. Cultivate it first by the Chinese over2000 years ago! Westerners love this flower and keep developing it to the stage that we now have different forms and sizes, from small button and simple daisy like to large pom-pom blooms. This diversity is one of the reasons for its popularity in wedding arrangements and Fall Wedding Bouquets.


As expected from a flower with such a long history, every color from the Chrysanthemum has a very special meaning. For example: The white mums represent truth, and red symbolizes love, both of them are integral parts for a wedding. They are the birth flower for November too.

Chrysanthemum beautifully match with other flowers

Chrysanthemum combines beautifully with other flowers like lilies, roses and gerberas. Mums are one of the more cost effective fall flowers for wedding making them an ideal choice for full bouquets or to fill out an arrangement than the expensive flowers.

Chrysanthemum also is one of the longest lives fresh cut flowers. They can withstand hours without water, show no signs of fatigue and the blossoms can last up to 3 weeks if the stems are in water. That’s why they always be a favorite choice for DIY Fall Wedding Bouquets!

Pretty Petals

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