Beach Wedding Flowers: Calla Lily

Resistance to heat is just one of the factors that make Calla Lily a favorite for the Beach Brides. They look gorgeous when used in wedding bouquets and beautiful when used as decorations. Calla lily Wedding Flowers are not only seen beautiful, but they simply exude elegance that you can’t find with other flowers. In the language of flowers Calla lily means “beauty” and sometimes, Callas are also called arum lilies. Believe it or not, Calla lily is the perfect choice for your Beach Wedding Flowers.

Wide selection of Beach Wedding accessories with calla lily

You can find a wide selection of Beach Wedding accessories with calla lily design such as invitations, favors and save the date cards. That means you can easily create a Calla Lily wedding theme. When you have narrowed down that you want calla lilies as your Wedding Flowers, usually there are 3 additional points that you need to consider before placing the order:

Which color of calla lilies should you get?

White Calla Lily is the most popular Callas for any weddings. Other favorite colors including brilliant yellows, oranges and striking dark purple – black mini-calla “schwarzwalder”. If you want something different, a mixed bridal bouquet of white callas and black mini calla will certainly do the trick!

How many Calla lilies do you need?

It will depend on individual factors than is possible to make a simple calculation. Listed below are some necessary points to remember when you thinking about:

number of bouquets, number of boutonnieres, number of corsages, number of altarpieces or ceremony decorations, wedding car arrangement and number of tables or vases.

The premium callas or the extra tall should you choose?

Differences within the extra tall and the premium calla lilies is the length of their stem, and also the bloom of the extra tall typically more larger. Commonly, the premium callas work great in boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets and low centerpieces. It is recommended that using the extra tall callas for larger arrangements and tall/upright vases. The extra tall callas also can be a perfect choice for cascade style bouquet (arm held).

And last, which kind and color of calla lilies will be your Beach Wedding Flowers? Sometimes, something simple such as a single Calla lily can compliment your wedding gown, let you looks beautiful and elegant.

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