Beach Wedding Flower: Hibiscus

If you want to create a Hawaiian or beach wedding theme, using hibiscus as your Beach Wedding Flowers is a right choice, they will give you the beach feeling. Exotic flowers like red hibiscus are very popular in beach weddings. Furthermore, they are an excellent addition to red and black wedding, becoming an ideal splash of color on your wedding gown and bridesmaid dress.

Make a beautiful bridal bouquets with hibiscus

Hibiscus for beach weddings

There are no tropical weddings without hibiscus especially a yellow Hawaiian or beach wedding theme, never think twice to apply yellow hibiscus in your wedding bouquets or centerpieces. You can use hibiscus to make a beautiful bridal bouquets, flower necklaces and also placed them in your bride’s hair, give you a touch of passion and exoticism. Hibiscus can be used by on their own in your wedding arrangements or combined with other tropical flowers such as orchids and lilies.

Available in various colors

The hibiscus flowers are available in various colors such as yellow, orange, purple, pink, and red. Their wide selection of colors makes your beautiful bouquets more colorful. Combine hibiscus with oversized flowers to get striking decorative bouquets.

Using bright colors are perfect choice for beach wedding flowers. Nothing feels more tropical than a big bunch of hibiscus tied using organza ribbon. Your wedding photos will stand out when they showing gorgeous arrangements by gatherings the tropical purple, pink and orange hibiscus.

Please keep this in mind. Hibiscus flowers have a very short bloom life, just one day. If you really want to use hibiscus as your Wedding Flowers, you should ask the florist can they add the flowers for you due in the wedding day.

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