Artificial Vs Real Flowers

This debate about artificial Vs real flowers has been taking place for a long time now and its whether to use fresh cut wholesale flowers or artificial flowers (nowadays called permanents) as wedding flowers. When working with fresh wholesale flowers the bride  is able to choose real colors, plus the shapes of the flowers are by themselves a beautiful accent to any centerpiece or bouquet.

When having fresh cut wedding flowers you can also have fragrances and different textures that you can never get with permanents. The opening of a rose, the natural blooming of any other flower it’s never going to be imitated with silk flowers.

Artificial Vs Real Flowers

Silk flowers, on the other hand, gives the change to the bride of keeping the flowers of the wedding forever. Price wise permanents can be more expensive than fresh cut wholesale flowers and arranging them it’s not as easy and instinctive as with naturals.

Fresh cut Wedding flowers are always a favorite among the brides and when talking about permanents there is also the fact that not all the natural varieties or colors are available in silk. Spray roses, color hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids and many more.

Either with permanent or fresh cut  wholesale wedding flowers arrangements, the wedding always needs a decoration according to the budget and the need of the bride and groom.

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